The Best Ways to Decorate Your New Home within a Budget

When our home looks beautiful and elegant to us, we get a long sigh of relief. The decoration of one’s home tells a lot about the homeowner. It speaks the languages of the unique taste and choices of one. And when it comes to decorating the affordable flat in Jaipur you have recently purchased, an array of ideas come into mind. However, people have a misconception that decorating a home is directly related to spending an insurmountable amount of money and time. But in reality, it can be the exact opposite. If you are smart with your purchases, and choices, and have a unique taste that directly reflects your personality, decorating a home on a budget becomes as easy as eating a slice of a pie.

While Jaipur is a big city, it is widely acknowledged as a city of culture, tradition, colors, and handicrafts. Hence, even if you have recently purchased a ready-to-move flat in Jaipur, you can still decorate it up to the current standards. And after reading this guide, we assure you that everyone including your friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, and distant relatives will be awestruck by the astounding talent you own in terms of home decorating. So let’s put aside the wait and turn right back towards the affordable and sparkling ideas that would give your home a 360-degree makeover without causing a bang on your budget:

1) Unique Decorative Ideas for the Living Room

The living room is the flagship of a home. Most get-together activities happen there. And if there’s a place that guests be in for most of their time in the living room. That’s exactly why the interior and decoration of the living room should be as welcoming as they can get. But you shouldn’t forget that all the decorative stuff you add should reflect your personal taste. Local artists sell their stuff to small shop owners for cheap. And sometimes, you will find roadside tent shops where those artists directly sell their creations.

You can go for China-made pots, ceramic plates, dolls representing local dance positions or rural life, and much more. For walls, hanging pictures depicting the rural lifestyles of women and men will be an ideal touch. On top of that, decluttered decoration gives better vibes than cluttered ones. If the color theme as well as the contrast of different decoratives of different origins are matching, then your living room will get a makeover that will win you lots of praise.

2) Bedroom Decoration

While bedrooms in your 2 BHK flats in Jaipur are the rooms where your family spends most of its time, the decoration should be calming right from the wall paints to the curtains. Everything in the room should give a mind-relaxing vibe so even if you come with a stressed mind, you go out with a refreshed one. Lights also play an important role. As a rule of thumb, the lights should be bright and less depressing.

3) Decorate the Kitchen with Plants

Plants and the kitchen always go hand in hand. And adding plants to your kitchen will not only make your kitchen look good, but at the same time, if you add some edible greens like cilantro, spinach, mint, cherry tomatoes, and chili plants, you will have a never-ending supply of veggies and greens every now and then.

4) Go with Your City’s Specialities

Each city has its unique style and their markets offer things at different ranges which are not only beautiful and style but also emanate elegant vibes while one gazes upon them. However, the beautiful city of Jaipur has immigrants from different states, cities, and even countries. Hence, you will be witnessed a collide of items depicting different cultures.

You might want to consider your options that whether you would like to go with a certain culture while decorating your home or you would like to do an experiment of mixing decorative items adopted from different cultures. And when it comes to saving money on decorating a home, several trips to your local market become necessary.

You can’t save money and be lethargic at the same time while decorating on a budget. Delicate upholstery and table linen is always a choice but since they are easily breakable, you should go with the durable ones. If you look closely, you will find that the market is stuffed with sturdy items that are also durable and beautiful. Durable stuff is also easy to clean and take care of. Moreover, the need for replacement is almost zero for several years. So they are more like one-time purchases.

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