Important Tips For a Proper Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Reduction (LHR) is a great way of removing unwanted body and facial hair without the nicks, burns, redness or anything like that. This removal treatment is technically known permanent hair reduction process although it’s not total hair removal but does drastically reduces the need for shaving or waxing hair. The process is safe  on most parts of the body including the arms, legs, armpit, bikini area, back, chest and even the face (carefully avoiding the eyes).

Don’t Wax Or Thread In Advance

The laser targets the hair root, therefore, it is important for the hair follicle to be present in the root so that the removal can be done effectively. Waxing, threading or anything like that should be avoided since it  removes the hair above the roots, and make it difficult to locate the hair follicle. However, it is fine to shave before the treatment on the specific area.

Not All Types Of Hair Can Be Targeted with Laser

Not all types of hair is equal in the eyes of the great IPL machine. That is because the machine is most likely to pick up darker pigment, that is darker especially if you have a light skin. Diode lasers work effectively on harder (terminal) hair, so the harder is hair; better is your result.  Lasers don’t target it themselves but the pigment within the hair hence there is specific laser that works especially on darker hair tone and thus safe for them.

Skip The Tanning Beforehand

The ideal candidate for the laser hair removal treatment is someone who has not spent a lot of time in the sun especially for a month. Tanning makes the skin tone closer to the hair color which makes it difficult for the laser beams to make out the difference between the skin and hair. Hence tanning and discoloration of the skin need to be avoided, and the same goes for tanning beds as well.

Results depend upon area of body

Armpits, bikini line have hard, terminal and dark hair , hence the IPL beam of diode laser can effectively target them and provide you with softer, hairless skin within four – five sittings. Thus, Bikini Laser Hair removal by our latest diode laser technology helps you to explore a newer version of you and increase your wardrobe options too.

Laser Removal Is Not Total Hair Removal

According to the health experts LHR involves hair reduction and its not complete removal treatment. Hence the hair that grows after the treatment is basically thin, lighter in tone and are very small, almost not visible to the naked eye; after 6-8 sittings, which vary from person to person.  A touch-up treatment called maintenance sitting is required to clear out the appearance of small hair particles, in future like six monthly or yearly.

Cost of LHR

If you compare the lifelong cost burden of waxing and threading to the cost of 6-8 sittings of  Laser Hair reduction, then you would be surprised to know that it is much less. Moreover, the damage you are causing to your skin is unimaginable and hair growth worsens in terms of density and hardness, too with these temporary methods of waxing& threading.

Irritation After a Laser Treatment Is Normal

Considering you’re holding an intense pulsating beam of light against the sensitive parts of the skin, you can feel some redness and irritation in some parts of your body which is also quite natural. Most people are completely fine after a treatment  but if you’re persistently feeling the tingling sensation then apply ice pack,  soothing cream or Aloe Vera gel over the surface.

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